我们的 跨学科研究 alumni have turned their passions into their livelihoods. We prepare them for their future by developing professional skill sets built around their interests. Now they are contributing their their talents to communities across the globe.

可持续性 and Ski 商业 Resort Management alumna 码头麦科伊 enjoys a sunset


重大的: 跨学科研究 in 可持续性, Ski 商业 and Resort Management


"Waste Free Earth isn’t just about music festivals. It’s about using music festivals as a platform to inspire environmental sustainability in our everyday lives and in our communities. Imagine the kind of impact that would have.” 。 。 。阅读更多

阿什利·范德·米尔, a 生物学, 户外探险领导 and Environmental Science major, tests water in Incline Village


重大的: 生物学, 跨学科研究 in 户外探险领导 and Environmental Science


In the fall of 2012, I worked on the restoration of Rosewood Creek for my service learning.  The main cause of the restoration is to reduce sediment loading into Lake Tahoe by restoring a 7,200 foot section of Rosewood Creek between Northwood Boulevard and Tahoe Boulevard in Incline Village, Nevada. 。 。 。阅读更多

数字艺术 and Management major 尼克·卡希尔 gets the shot from above while flying upside down


重大的: 跨学科研究 in 数字艺术 and Management


尼克·卡希尔, Media Director for Force 12 Media, first became involved with video and photography making videos of his friends' sweet adventures and taking photographs of the racecar he built. His education in digital arts at SNC gave him the skills and experience to take his work to a professional level. 。 。 。阅读更多

本·毕晓普, 户外探险领导 and 跨学科研究 major, carries camera while traveling


重大的: 跨学科研究 in 户外探险领导 and 新闻学


本·毕晓普, an outdoor and action sports filmmaker and photographer who received SNC’s first degree in 户外探险领导, is a veteran world traveler who frequently clocks six months straight in places like China, Japan, Alaska, Canada, and Utah, but he says, “I don’t think I would be anywhere if it weren’t for SNC. I don’t think I could have gone to any other college and said, I’m really interested in this outdoor realm和 have them formulate a program.” 。 。 。阅读更多

贾森·帕拉迪诺, 户外探险领导 and 新闻学 major, has picture taken outside


重大的: 跨学科研究 in 户外探险领导 and 新闻学


While still in grad school at the the UC Berkeley Graduate School of 新闻学, 贾森·帕拉迪诺 began an in-depth investigation into safety issues on U.S. Navy aircraft which led to a prestigious Investigative Reporting Program fellowship, three NBC Nightly News broadcasts (2015年2月3日, 2015年10月5日2015年10月9日),以及一对片 IRE (Investigative Reporters & Editors) Radio Podcast. 。 。 。阅读更多

SNU Tahoe Alumna 大草原胡佛 headshot


重大的: 跨学科研究 in 户外探险领导 and 新闻学


大草原胡佛 is currently pursuing her juris doctor and MBA degrees at the University of New Mexico, concentrating on Natural 资源 and Environmental Law. She 。 。 。阅读更多

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户外探险领导, 可持续性, 数字艺术 & 商业, 新闻学 & Media
心理学 & Art or Music.