a banana flower in Costa Rica

Science Beyond the Classroom

Recent Science Field Courses and Trips

Explore new ecosystems from South Africa to Alaska in field courses. Range across the Tahoe basin and up into the Sierra Nevada for lab exercises.

Here at SNU Tahoe, research and learning isn’t contained within four walls.

professor Darryl Teittinen helps a student identify a benthic macroinvertebrate - Sierra Nevada University environmental science and outdoor adventure leadership students in field courses on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River

NSF Grant for Biology Field Studies

"Nothing compares to field work in science. Everything changes when you hold things in your hands and see the complexity in action." . . . Read More

oar boats enjoy a quiet spot on the river - Sierra Nevada University environmental science and outdoor adventure leadership students in field courses on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River

Science and Leadership on the Rogue River

Environmental Science and Outdoor Adventure Leadership students explored the Wild and Scenic Rogue River as they learned data collection - and river rafting. . . . Read More

Sierra Nevada University science students Nathan Rock and Andrew Miller watch a tank of silver Lookdown fish from the Baja California coast at the Monterey Aquarium during the science department spring trip

Marine Biology in Monterey

The science department spring camping trip included the Monterey Bay Aquarium, tidepools in Santa Cruz, and a spectacular sunset on the beach. . . . Read More

La Selva Biological Station Costa Rica, Sierra Nevada University sustainability students in lowland tropical rainforest

Agroecology in Costa Rica

A new group of students traveled to Costa Rica in January to continue research into sustainable agriculture and tropical ecology. . . . Read More

Biology students at Sierra Nevada University watched harbor seals sunning on the beach at Point Lobos State Reserve in California, on a spring field course in animal diversity.

Marine Diversity on the California Coast

SNC biology students studying animal diversity found plenty of fascinating examples during a weekend trip to the California coast. . . . Read More

Watching a bald eagle on its nest, River Fork Ranch, Carson Valley NV, Sierra Nevada University Winter Raptor field course, January 2018

Birds on the Wing

Students in the winter ornithology field courses studied raptors and wildfowl in their habitats. . . . Read More

A rainy farm landscape in Agua Buena Costa Rica

Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica

Sustainability and environmental science students travelled to Costa Rica this winter to study tropical ecology and sustainable agriculture with professors Nick Babin and Chuck Levitan. . . . Read More

Lassen NP - students on a sunrise hike up Mt. Lassen, a plug-dome volcano

Science Labs in Lassen Nat. Park

Students in Geology and Aquatic Ecology explored the dramatic features of Lassen Volcanic National Park for the first science lab weekend field trip of the semester. . . . Read More

Sierra Nevada University's Science program offers majors in
Biology, Ecology, Earth Science, and Natural Resource Management