Student ID Card

Upload your headshot here to have your student ID ready before you come to campus. You can upload a photo directly from your phone by filling out the form on your phone. We can only use pictures that meet the requirements of our ID card system, please read the requirements and check the examples!

Photo Requirements

See examples below!

  • Photo must be HORIZONTAL (landscape orientation). If you take the picture on a phone, TURN IT SIDEWAYS.
  • Photo must be in COLOR against a plain light-colored background.
  • Face the camera directly, with a neutral facial expression or natural smile and both eyes open.
  • The picture must go from the top of your head to your collarbone. No part of your head can be cut off, and none of your body below your shoulders should be in the photo.
  • Wear prescription glasses if you normally do so.
  • No headphones, wireless hands-free devices, sunglasses, or similar items.
  • No hats or other head covering unless –
    • you wear a hat or head covering daily for religious or medical purposes, and
    • your full face is still visible and your hat or head covering does not obscure your hairline or cast shadows on your face.
  • Your photo cannot be enhanced in any way – no lenses, filters, text, stickers, etc.
  • Do not use a scan or photo of another photo.
  • JPG format only.



Student ID photo example - good photo meets all requirements

Photo meets all requirements.

Student ID photo example - NO photo must be landscape - horizontalNO! Photo must be landscape (horizontal).
Student ID photo example - NO black and white not acceptedNO! Photo must be in color.
Student ID photo example - NO must face camera directlyNO! You must be looking straight at the camera.
Student ID photo example - NO head and shoulders onlyNO! Photo must be of your head and shoulders only.
Student ID photo example - NO hats or sunglassesNO! No hats or sunglasses.
Student ID photo example - NO background is too complicatedNO! Plain background only.

Upload Your Photo

  • Accepted file types: jpg.