Student 雇用 & 实习s


查看当前开口: the Jobs Board has listings for Federal Work Study and student employment positions, internships, 和 off-campus openings in the area.

聘请一位学生: post an opening to the Jobs Board.

Federal Work Study Positions

该 Sierra Nevada University Career Center provides part-time employment for eligible students under the Federal Work-Study Program.

合格: To establish eligibility for Federal Work Study funds a student must complete the FAFSA and confirm acceptance with the Office of 经济资助. To check eligibility 和 affirm participation in the program, please contact:


找到一个开口道: Visit the Career Center on the third floor of 拘谨库 and check the Jobs Board to find current openings.  In addition to working for the college, students can arrange to work under the FWS program for eligible non-profit organizations that serve 和 support the community.


All student employees working on campus must complete employment paperwork 和 attend student employee orientation through the Human 资源 Dept. before beginning work.

实习s & 服务学习

Sierra Nevada University has agreements for internship placement with a number of businesses, schools, resorts, and public service agencies. 该 internship experience complements and reinforces our classroom-based curriculum by allowing SNU students to put their creative and problem-solving skills to work in professional situations.  Interns can earn up to 3 academic credits while experiencing first hand the realities 和 requirements of potential careers. In many cases, SNU graduates return to their intern placement sites for full-time employment.

实习服务学习 Databases are good starting points for exploring internship opportunities. Please remember:

  • Not all of the placements listed may still be available, or be available during your time frame.
  • All SNU Tahoe students who contact organizations about internships or service learning projects are responsible for presenting themselves in a professional manner – you are representing the college!

有关完整信息 学生们雇主 在里面 实习手册.


就业指导中心 is committed to assisting you as you begin exploring and defining who you are, what your innate talents, interests, and skills are, and what professional paths you may be interested in exploring. Career Counseling is a free service for SNU students 和 alumni. Get help with:

  • Discovering how you could utilize your degree
  • 出国留学
  • Assessing your interests, values 和 talents in the world of work.
  • Creating a focused 和 powerful resume
  • Writing an effective cover letter
  • 准备面试
  • Developing a job-search strategy

LinkedIn求职工具 to research current job opportunities 和 salary information:

For help with employment or career services please contact:

Director of 学术支持 Services