Wilderness Orientation participants load up the SNU Tahoe van with their backpacks filled with gear
Make your off-campus trip a success!


EVERY off campus trip must follow these procedures!

  1. 风险管理手册: Read, Understand, & Implement!
    Find all the risk management standards, policies, and procedures for your off campus trip, from urban afternoon jaunt to backcountry whitewater expedition.
  2. 预旅程建议: Every good trip starts with good planning!
    The completed proposal should be submitted at least 4 weeks before the trip starts.
  3. 驱动程序审批: must be completed by anyone who will drive a vehicle owned, leased, or rented for college purposes.
    • Go online to the state DMV site that issued your driver’s license and request a driver’s history report. You will need to attach this to the SNU Tahoe Eligible College Driver & Safety Policy Form 形成。
    • Scan or photograph your current driver’s license, front and back. You will also need to attach this to the SNU Tahoe Eligible College Driver & Safety Policy Form 形成。
    • 阅读,签署,并提交 SNU Tahoe Eligible College Driver & Safety Policy Form. Don’t forget to attach the required documentation.
    • Attend a 30 minute behind-the-wheel van driver’s training. Email studentaffairs@sierranevada.edu to schedule, trainings are held several times a year. The cost to your department is $37.50.
  4. Participant Agreement & Medical History Forms:
    All participants on your off campus trip MUST have completed a current semester Participant Agreement & Medical History Form online. On the shared drive, access and print the current semester Participant Agreement & Medical History Form for participant on your trip. You will take these forms with you in the field.
    注意: If you do not have access to the shared drive, please contact your approving supervisor for assistance.
  5. 预行程会议: 请参阅本有用 预行程会议概要
    Hold a pre-trip meeting to discuss ALL logistics and materials, i.e. expectations, curriculum, maps, schedules, transportation, equipment, food, risk management, and forms. Use this meeting to complete any missing Participant Agreement/Medical History Forms. Review all Medical History Forms for any concerns.
  6. 出发清单:
    阵容的变化: On the day of your off-campus trip and prior to your trip departure, email or text any roster changes to the Dean of 学生们, Will Hoida (whoida@sierranevada.edu) and your approving supervisor.Do not forget to bring with you in the field:

    • Your Participant Agreement/Medical History Forms
    • Your 预旅程建议, which highlights your trip itinerary and emergency resources
    • 的空白副本 事故报告表
    • On backcountry trips, your 风险管理手册 and/or your Student Trip Leader Manual and Field Guide
  7. ENJOY your off-campus activity!
  8. 返回:
    Vehicles, keys and clipboards, and all student and group equipment promptly.
  9. 行程后评估表: 您还没有完成!
    PLEASE assess your trip when you return to provide critical information for improving future trips.
  10. Thank you for your time and effort in making your trip fun, educational, and most importantly, professional.