Adrian Pinal-Gonzalez

SNU fine arts student Adrian Pinal-Gonzalez, portrait

重大的: Fine Arts - Three-Dimensional Practices
次要: 数字艺术

Class of: 2020

I found out about SNC from a friend a few months after I honorably left the military and moved to South Lake Tahoe, and decided to apply. Initially I pursued a degree for Digital Arts and Entrepreneurship, but decided that wasn’t for me. Then I decided on a BFA degree in Digital Arts. Taking all three levels of the 3D practice course convinced me to change my concentration again. I’m focusing on 3D Practices/Sculpture, with a minor in 数字艺术.

The art faculty at SNC have had a major impact on me. They have ways of figuring out our hidden creative skills and guiding us there.

I love to create, and to solve the problems that come along with the process of a project. My solution to many problems I encounter is to sketch out what I want to make and create a paper model. Model making greatly helps save the real material.

In one of my 3D practice courses I created a memorial flag from steel. My plan is to polish the steel flag to a mirror finish and create a box for it to rest in. Never having worked with metal and welding before, it frustrated me at first. I tend to be a perfectionist with anything I do. With every new material, I put extra time and effort into what I need to learn.

SNC fine arts student Adrian Pinal-Gonzalez welding his sculpture
steel sculpture "Memorial Flag" by SNC fine arts student Adrian Pinal-Gonzalez

Being in the Holman art building is one of the things that gets me out of bed in the morning. This semester all my classes are there. I enjoy attending my classes, the challenges, and the little art community we have going on. Without that community of students and faculty I wouldn’t be where I am now in my art pursuits. In the future, I hope to be creating work in my own workshop.

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