Justine Nelson

Art and 心理学 major, Justine Nelson explores a grass field

重大的: Interdisciplinary Studies in 心理学 and Art

Class of: 2016

Growing up in the small town of Incline Village has been a blessing in my life, teaching me the importance of connection with my community and the environment. This has lead to my major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Art and 心理学.

Art and 心理学 major, Justine Nelson works on some 2D artwork“We all have the capability to help each other grow, and my studies at SNC have shown me just how far we reach!”

The service learning project I worked on, Arc in the Park, allowed me to use my graphic design skills to contribute to a local nonprofit organization by designing the posters, programs and tickets for a fundraising event. Graphic communication is extremely important in attracting the interest of the target audience and conveying the correct message.

Art therapy combines my interests in Art and 心理学 to help clients release their inner demons through artistic expression. They paint what they see, and then explain what it means to them. I have many ideas for a healthy and happy world, and I will achieve my vision through my research and innovations in art and spiritual therapy emphasizing meditation and mindfulness.

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